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Adam Cohen

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Singer/songwriter and guitarist Adam Cohen gained plenty of practice performing as a member of a number of rock groups in the early '90s. By 1998 he had turned down the chance to contract with a number of big recording labels, and ended up working as a solo artist under Columbia Records. That same year, he released his debut album, a self-titled offering that carried 12 impressive adult contemporary tracks. It was quickly followed by the EP Tell Me Everything.

Cohen was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 1972. He spent his inclement childhood being moved back and forth between the homes of his divorced parents. He lived all over the world during those early years, spending time in places like Canada, France, the United States, and Greece. Early piano lessons didn't have as much of an influence on him as his exceptional home life did, which exposed him to not only his father's music and writing, but to all forms of art and music brought in by family friends and acquaintances. Young Adam Cohen came about his singing and songwriting talents honestly, inheriting them from his father, celebrated folk-rock singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen. The older Cohen began his performing career in the '60s, and was still working in the music business when his son found his way along the same laborious path.

As a young adult, Adam Cohen moved to New York and started college. He also began his professional musical career there, joining up with several rock bands where he tried out his skills at both singing and songwriting, and later even guitar playing. After moving to Los Angeles near the end of the '90s, he was offered a chance to sign with Columbia Records, the label his father had worked with so many years to.

When the time came to work on a debut album, Adam Cohen teamed up with producer Steve Lindsey. They brought in a number of strong collaborators, like Brock Walsh, Phil Roy, and Dillon O'Brian. With the help of synthesizers, drum machines, and live musicians all combined together, Cohen's self-titled debut gave fans and music critics something to chew on. The album hit the market in July of 1998. Some of the songs fans can sample on this first recording include "Down She Goes," "How the Mighty Have Fallen," "It's Alright," "This Pain," "Opposites Attract," and "Beautiful as You." ~ Charlotte Dillon, All Music Guide