An important element is to keep costs low so that there is little barrier to entry for others wishing to create similar events. We have found a venue that does not require a deposit to book the space and taken several other steps to  keep costs within the capabilities of people with limited resources who may never have organized an event before.

An important facet is that we will try to provide logistic support and suggestions to people organizing other events and encourage others to do this as well with a worldwide Leonard Cohen community spirit!  So that these events are sustained and grow in numbers over the next few years.

As an important by product we hope that this website for Leonard Cohen Nights would become an important Canadian site for the Leonard Cohen community, something that has been lacking up until now.

Leonard Cohen materials provided on site:

We plan to purchase Cohen CDs, DVDs, and books wholesale and sell them at cost at the event but without any pushiness.  It does not matter if few of the products sell as we can then sell them in future years events.  The idea is to facilitate participants wish to obtain Cohen material they do not have already, but without making any strong attempt to interest them in purchases.  We recognize that in other similar event held around the world this aspect may be handled differently, but we feel it is important to facilitate access to Leonard Cohen materials at the event in some way.

We also will provide floppy discs and CDs with the full FAQ from alt.music.leonard-cohen with all web links working plus a full version of the web site we are creating etc.