The promotional/corporate side of the event is perhaps the most uncertain, but I felt it likely that in the long run Sony and Apple would be supporters.  This fits well with my strong embrace of technology, I was one of the first to purchase the new iMac and the Sony Aibo robotic dog, facts that may help me in interactions with these companies:

Ideally with corporate support we would be able to subsidize travel to Edmonton for people who would agree to organize similar events in their own cities, and if all goes well Sony/Apple could more overtly subsidize and support the events in the future.  The companies could help set the criteria for how the travel subsidies are awarded. It is difficult to set criteria for organizational skills for something like this.

Probably it is unlikely that Sony or Apple would directly promote the event, since they would find it difficult to justify singling out one artist in this way, but that idea cannot be excluded altogether.

The media attention I have already received may also help us in promotion.

The global connectedness we are trying to foster with this event is similar to that depicted in my PowerPoint presentation from:

(The PowerPoint file there is 18 MB and would take about 40 minutes to download by phone modem.  The representative "red rope" image below is for people who lack the bandwidth to download the file.   There are many other Frogdot red rope images in the full PowerPoint file.)

RedRopeGblConnect.jpg (47683 bytes)


The technology focus which would be part of the Edmonton event may not be included by others in future years.  (For instance we plan to use the Sony Aibo robotic dog as part of the presentation of The Great Event.)  Nevertheless it will help to excite media interest and help with promotion.

Presentations would be renditions of Cohen's work occasionally interspersed with works stimulated by Cohen's work.  Local University  student actresses will serve food, simulate "Bill's Bar" staff, and react to the words of Memories.

The Cohen song paintings of Calgary artist Elizabeth Laishley will be displayed and for sale (see below) 

We are provisionally thinking about using the following Cohen works: 

  1. Love Itself

  2. Dance me to the end of love

  3. Ain't no cure for love

  4. Bird on the wire

  5. Night Comes On

  6. Boogie Street

  7. First we take Manhattan

  8. Avalanche

  9. Chelsea Hotel

  10. Tower of song

  11. Democracy

  12. The Great Event

  13. I'm your man

  14. Joan of Arc

  15. Closing time

  16. Memories

  17. Sisters of mercy

  18. Hallelujah

  19. Please don't pass me by.

  20. Alexandra Leaving.