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There are many wonderful people who Kevin and I wish to thank for this evening.  Michele Hales, who manages many of my other initiatives including cyberNephrology, designed the original webpage and logo for Leonard Cohen Nights and has been an important advisor for the event throughout.

Dr. Sheila Moriber Katz, my partner in the cyberMedicine joint venture, supported the event from the beginning as a part of our effort to reach out to a lay audience in our writings, and specifically urged me to lengthen my stay on Hydra so I could fully take part in the June fan event there, which proved to be very important to the later development of Leonard Cohen Nights.

Sue Stark provided the printing of the posters which was a great help to us, and my other sons Scott and Seth did yeoman's service putting them up around town armed with staple gun and large rolls of tape.  Scott is also doing various important odd jobs tonight during the event best suited to a 16 year old.

My wonderful wife Elaine has had many good ideas about this event.  If you like the table setups and arrangements, the flow of serving of the food etc. then you should know that Elaine had much to do with those arrangements.  Elaine has had to put up with a lot as a consequence of this event.  She thinks of me as the biggest most unpredictable kid in our household, and Leonard Cohen Night was just the latest in a long series of surprising and counterintuitive husband events.  You may have heard of the term "disruptive technology" which describes many of the major advances of the past decade. I suppose I am a sort of constant disruptive force with continual barrage of intriguing but untested new ideas from out of nowhere, and organizing this event has certainly increased the rate of the disruptions!  I thank her from the bottom of my heart for her patience with it all!

We would also like to thank our corporate and organizational sponsors.  We thank Dr. Victor Tron, Chair of the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, for his support throughout and for designating this as a University event which has been an extraordinary help to us.

We thank Sony Music Canada for their support of the Leonard Cohen Nights initiative generally and for providing the Leonard Cohen CDs and DVDs we are selling here tonight.  Leomid the Sony Aibo Robotic Dog who many of you have met represents Sony's highest profile product worldwide and we are happy to have Leo with us tonight!  We also thank cyberNephrolgy volunteer Judy Tarselli for looking after Leo at the event tonight.

We thank the Edmonton Stroll of Poets for the use of their wonderful sound system and for their promotional assistance.

We thank Alhambra Books for handling ticket sales.  I would like to thank my secretary Janice McDonald and University secretary Lynda Harrison for their help behind the scenes and taking tickets etc. tonight.

Java Jive provided the wonderful coffee.  We would also like to thank from the bottom of our hearts our caterer Upper Crust.  You should be aware that the Montreal food this evening was flown directly from Montreal today, this is not something we had asked for but is a wonderful added benefit to tonight's event!  And isn't the food wonderful!

We thank our performers from, afar.  It is truly wonderful to have Suzanne Holland and Andrew Darbyshire here, from San Francisco and Australia respectively.  You will all be receiving a CD of Suzanne's wonderful singing when you turn in your evaluation questionnaire. Andrew has also brought video of the high points of his Leonard Cohen event in Australia last week so during a part of the event you will very much feel like you have been transported to the other side of the world!  We also thank Natalie Fuhr who is doing her own event in Victoria Sept. 26th and wrote the "Top Ten Reasons to come to Edmonton" for our WWW page.

We would also like to thank all of you for coming here, especially those who have traveled great distances. We have enjoyed taking part in the social events which preceded this evening with many of you.  We especially thank those of you who know very little about Leonard Cohen but who have come to be with friends and have a good time here.  We intend that over time there will be many more people like you attending these events to celebrate fun seeking and Canadian culture (just as occurs with fun seeking and Scottish culture in Robert Burn's Night).  And we hope you like what you learn about Leonard Cohen tonight.

Finally we would like to thank Leonard Cohen himself, who provided artwork for the WWW page and has been quietly supportive.  He is the reason we are here tonight and it is a delightful thought to think of his looking at the webcast, which is being archived.  Of course we will never know when he watches it and how often, but still it is a very nice thought!

Kim Solez, M.D.